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Magnetic Solid Hematite Brazilian Style Bracelet
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Model: RIB1
Price $20


This Elastic Bracelet is 7 inch long, 11/16 inch wide. 12 Different religious Saints. Stretchable, One size fits all. Made of beautiful black high glossed Hematite. The saint cards are high glossed for lasting beauty and longer wearing. The reverse side of the bracelet is the black high glossed hematite if you prefer to wear it in the solid color. These bracelets can be worn by both men and women. Hematite is commonly believed to be helpful for arthritis, joint problems, blood flow, cramps, migranes, tennis elbow. tendonitis and more and more...In no way does this bracelet replace known traditional medicine. The belief and faith of the saints is more of a cultural way of life. This is a beautiful way to show your faith of the saints.